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Cold War Landscape in East Asia and Jeju Dark Tour

The term “Cold War” first came into existence when Bernard Baruch, an influential advisor to Democratic presidents, used it in his speech on 16 April 1947 to describe the specific post-war geopolitical confrontation between the Soviet and the United States. Since then until the dissolution of the Soviet in 1989, the majority of the world had absorbed in an arms race, being divided into two camps: the United States and the Soviet with their respective allies.


Two years after Panmunjom Declaration and Jeju’s role in inter-Korean Relations

This year marks the 30th anniversary since Germans saw the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic unite as one nation. Europe already underwent changes a generation ago when the Soviet collapsed and Eastern Europe has been in many people’s travel bucket lists for a long time before the Coronavirus pandemic.


Euroscepticism: Prospects and Tasks after the 2014 European Election

Euroscepticism is a phenomenon against the process of broadening and deepening EU over the last decades. Among the diverse debates, it has been often described as a new picture, namely, ‘the democracy deficit’ in political life since 2008-9 financial crisis d. In this Context, the European Parliament has been shed light on because parliamentary members are directly elected.