Project Description

JPI-IGS Joint Conference 2019

JPI-IGS Joint Conference 2019

Under the theme of “Shared Visions for Korea-Japan Relations : Globalism, Peace, and Gender Issues, Jeju Peace Institutes and The Institute for Gender Studies, Ochanomiu University co-hosted JPI-IGS Joint Conference 2019 at Ochanomizu University on November 18, 2019. Other Topics for debate included “Globalism and Peace” and “Globalism and Gender Issues”


Participants List(Alphabetically)

TAKASAKI, Seiko Mimaki(City University of Economics)

DOH, Jong Yoon(JPI)

HAN, Dong-Gyoon(JPI)

HAN Intaek(JPI)

ITAI, Hiroaki(Ochanomizu University)

MAKATO Kobayashi(Ochanomizu University)

MOTOYAMA, Hisako(Ochanomizu University)

SASAKI, Yasuko(Ochanomizu University)

SHIN, Ki-young(Ochanomizu University)

SON, Jung Wook(JPI)

TAKASAKI, Seiko Mimaki(City University of Economics)​​