Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity, started as ‘Jeju Peace Forum’ for a regional multilateral dialogue process to promote peace and common prosperity in East Asia in 2001, has convened every two years and greatly contributed to the East Asian community-building.

The 4th Jeju Forum in 2007 witnessed the significant achievement of having propose the Jeju Process, a declaration and bluepring for securing demestic and regional peace. We took a cue from the Helsinki Process to craft such a meaningful initiative to realize multilateral confidence and security building. Under the theme “A Common Vision for Mutual Benefit and Common Prosperity” the 5th Jeju Forum in 2009 has provided another founding stone for multilateral cooperation in East Asia. Specifically, the 5th Forum has explored a robust package of issues for regional cooperation such as multilateral cooperation, history conflicts among East Asian countries, soft power, human new deal, human security, and global finacial order.

The Forum renamed as Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity from the 6th Forum held in May 2011 and reorganized as an annual event to be developed as one of the leading comprehensive international forums in Asia.


  • Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity, believing that in order to build peace and common prosperity in East Asia, international cooperation based on creative ideas is essential, intends to contribute to world peace and international cooperation through providing a continual meeting place for dialogue for regional peace and cooperation.
  • To this end, Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity, based on international consensus on a consistent theme of ‘Peace and Prosperity in East Asia’, presents a future-oriented vision and explores practical measures for peace, mutual cooperation and pear growth in East Asia simultaneously.


  • Through this Forum we have been able to reaffirm that peace is not only a prerequisite for common prosperity, but also that sustained and stable peace can only be achieved on this basis.
  • We believe firmly that peaceful co-existence and peaceful reunification can only be achieved here in the Cold War’s last frontier through South-North reconciliation, exchange, and cooperation based on mutual understanding and mutual tolerance.
  • We are certain that the island of Jeju can make an enduring contribution to peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia, as well as the broader global community through the ideas generated in this meeting.
  • We will institutionalize the convocation of the Jeju Peace Forum in order to promote common peace and common prosperity in Asia.