My warmest greetings to the visitors to the homepage of the Jeju Peace Institute (JPI).

The JPI was established in 2006 under the Special Act on Establishment of the Jeju Special Self-governing Province and the Jeju Free International City to build peace on the Korean peninsula and contribute to world peace, following the designation of Jeju as the Island of World Peace in 2005.

The current situation on the Korean peninsula and in its neighboring area is rapidly changing. In light of the changes, I believe the JPI must play more significant roles in maintaining peace and stability on the peninsula and pursuing prosperity for the Northeast Asia and Asia-Pacific region.

The JPI seeks to develop creative ideas through its research on peace issues that might contribute to the inter-Korean reconciliation and cooperation and ultimately to peace-building on the peninsula. It is also set to play its due role in establishing a new platform for peace, stability and co-prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region beyond Northeast Asia.

The JPI strives to become a hub of research, education and exchanges for peace and prosperity of Northeast Asia that could formulate effective policies. By engaging in a wide range of educational and exchange activities, it will also explore ways to realize the discourse on the vision of peace and cooperation into a reality.

This vision is being widely propagated through the Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity organized by the JPI. The 17-year-old Jeju Forum is a valuable venue at which to review the conventional concepts and strategies for resolving conflicts and building peace and to present visions and policies commensurate with the new regional order.

At the Forum, prominent leaders, experts and working-level officials from across the world discuss the peace issue of the Korean peninsula and East Asia and explore concrete measures to achieve peace and cooperation in the region. The Forum also helps to establish Jeju Island as an internationally acclaimed hub of diplomacy and research on peace.

The “Jeju Process,” suggested at the 4th Jeju Forum in 2007, was a meaningful bid to secure multilateral trust and security in East Asia, based on the model of the Helsinki Process credited for its significant role in ushering the new era of peace and cooperation in Europe. The process still remains one of the key research projects of the JPI.

The JPI will continue to strive to achieve peace and prosperity on the Korean peninsula, in East Asia and the world, which, I expect, would help Jeju establish itself as the Island of World Peace in the end. I ask you to continue to look forward to and maintain your unwavering support for JPI activities. Thank you.

Amb. KIM Bong Hyun
President of the Jeju Peace Institute