It is the Geological location of Jeju in northeast Asia that makes it possible for Jeju to rise as an international city. Jeju is connected with 16 cities in 4 countries through direct flights. On average, 118 airplanes depart from Jeju for the 13 domestic routes every day
International Flights
  • Direct flights are available from 16 major cities in 4 countries.
  • Foreign passengers, from more than 180 countries are permitted to enter Jeju Island without a visa, if arriving through the direct flights.
  • On average, over 270 flights per day are operated from and to the 13 domestic airports. Information for Airlines: Links to the airline websites as below.
  • Jeju allows visa-free entry for more than 180 countries for stays less than 30 days.
A. Incheon International Airport
39 major international airlines from 23 countries provide regular service between Incheon International Airport and other major cities worldwide.
B. Arrival Route to Jeju
There are three ways to fly to Jeju Island: direct international flight, transfer to Jeju directly from Incheon International Airport, or transfer by bus to Gimpo Airport and then to Jeju.
C. Transfer to Jeju at Gimpo Airport
On arrival at Incheon International Airport, take an airport limousine bus to Gimpo Airport. It takes about 30 minutes and the fare is 6,000 Korean won (US 5$). The airport limousine bus runs everyday from 05:00 to 21:30 at 5 to 10 minute intervals. The national carriers Korea Air and Asiana Airlines operate at 15 to 20 minute intervals from 06:55 to 20:50. Flight time is about 50 minutes.
Increasing number of tourists choose to travel by ship to Jeju. It may take a longer time to travel but passengers on board can enjoy the time for various entertaining programs and the choice of diverse dishes and cuisines prepared by a top-class chef. Besides, travelling across the sea is another attraction that will give the travelers a special memory.
  • Domestic Ferries
Incheon-Jeju : About 13~15 hours
  • Incheon : +82-1544-1114
  • Jeju : +82-64-721-2173
Busan-Jeju : About 11 hours
  • Busan : +82-1544-1114
  • Jeju : +82-64-751-0300
Mokpo-Jeju : About 4 hours 30
  • Mokpo : +82-1544-1114
  • Jeju : +82-64-758-4234
Wando-Jeju : About 3 hours
  • Wando : +82-1544-1114
  • Jeju : +82-64-751-5050


1. Korea Express Train (KTX) and Cruise/Ferry Ticket
The ticket is available anywhere in the nation to travel via the connected trip with a KTX ride and a ferry or cruise trip to Jeju. It is one of the inexpensive and convenient ways to visit Jeju. The tickets are available at the Korea Railroad Corporation and the Seaworld Express Ferry Co., Ltd.

Korea Railroad Corporation +82-1544-7788
Seaworld Express Ferry Co., Ltd. +82-1577-3567
2. Jeju Coastal Ferries
Udo Island – Seongsan Udo Marine Transportation +82-64-782-5671
Urim Marine Transportation +82-64-784-2335
Moseulpo – Gapado Samyoung Ferry +82-64-794-3500
Udo Island – Jongdal Udo Marine Transportation +82-64-782-5671
Moseulpo – Marado Samyoung Ferry +82-64-794-3500
Hallim – Biyang Biyang Ferry +82-64-796-7522
It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to travel around the island by car. City buses and intercity buses are regularly operated. It is also convenient to use the Airport Limousine Buses, chartered bus service, a taxi or a rental car.
1. Airport Limousine Bus Route (No. 600)
Jeju International Airport – Sin-Jeju (T.H.E. Hotel) – Jungmun Tourism Complex (Yeomiji Botanical Garden, Jungmun Country Club, Hyatt Regency Jeju, The Shilla Jeju, The Suites Hotel, Hotel Lotte Jeju, Korea Condo Jeju) – Jeju International Convention Center (ICC JEJU) – Seogwipo Worldcup Stadium (Hotel New Kyungnam, Seogwipo Port, Seogwipo KAL Hotel). +82-64-713-7000.
Operating Hours : Depart from Jeju Int’l Airpot (06:20~22:00), from Seogwipo (06:20~21:50). with a 15-minute interval
Traveling Time: From Jeju to Jungmun Tourism Complex (approx. 50 min.), From Jeju to Seogwipo KAL Hotel (approx. 80 min.)
For more information, : please contact Samyoung Transportation at the telephone number, +82-64-713-7000.
2. City Bus
Intercity Bus Guide : Samyoung Transportation (+82-64-713-7000)
Jeju City Public Bus (+82-64-728-3212)
Seogwipo City Public Bus (+82-64-760-3111)
Dongseo Transportation for Intercity Bus (+82-64-732-4934)
Dongseo Transportation for Intercity Bus : Jeju City Bus Terminal (+82-64-753-1153)
Seogwipo City Bus Terminal (+82-64-739-4645)
Jeju Intelligent Transport System (ITS) : Website
3. Chartered Bus
Chartered Bus Transport Service Association (+82-64-723-2056)
4. Taxi
Individual Taxi Service Association (+82-64-744-2793)
Call taxi operators (+82-64-727-1111)
5. Car Rentals
AVIS (+82-64-749-3773)
KT Kumho (+82-64-743-8108)
Jeju Car Rental Service Association (+82-64-747-4301)
Jeju Rent Car (+82-64-742-3307)


Bus No. 600 (To Seogwipo)
Place Limousine bus stop on the left side of the front gate (Samyoung Traffic No. 600)
Fare KRW 4,500 (USD 4)
Time 06:10~22:50 /every 15 min.
Time Required 50 min. (JPI) / 80 min.
Service Route Airport → Jeju Sun Hotel → Entrance to the Yeomiji Botanical Garden → Hana Hotel → Hyatt Hotel → Shilla Hotel → Suites Hotel&Resort → Lotte Hotel → Hankook Condominium → KTO Jeju → Seaes Hotel → Jeju International Convention Center(ICC JEJU) → Jeju World Cup Stadium → New Gyeongnam Hotel → Seoguipoport → Paradise Hotel → KAL Hotel

3. By TAXI

Taking a long-distance taxi from taxi station can be considered as an option to go to JPI.
Distance 40km
Duration 40-45 minutes
Fare. About KRW 30,000 (USD 30)

3. How to get to JPI
JPI is located in the International Peace Center in the Jungmun Tourist Complex, which is on the southern coast of the island. There is regular taxi and airport limousine bus service to Jungmun. Visitors taking the limousine bus should get off at the International Convention Center. JPI is located across the intersection from the ICC.